What is Your Website Worth?

Websites are not often categorized as one of the “affordable” marketing strategies; but many (if not most) business owners would find it difficult to argue that they are not a necessity.

Whether you have a website or you are thinking of investing in creating one, here is a list of factors that you will want to consider before making this next big marketing move:

Your Visitors

They land on your website because you have information that they want, but they will always look to find “the path of least resistance.” Make sure they can see your most valuable content as quickly and clearly as possible.

Your Content

Information is not static, and viewers crave new content. Consider how your website keeps up with the ever-changing material that is circulating your network and make the extra effort to stay relevant with new and exciting trends.

Your Story

Just like the chapters in a book, your site menu will lead your reader to the areas of your site that they need the most.

Your Competition

It isn’t often that a visitor lands on your website by chance. They have likely been exposed to others in your field – whether it is from Google or elsewhere – and there is no way to avoid this. Instead, figure out what your competitors are doing and make moves to stand out among them.

Your Social Media

A search engine is only one way that visitors will come across your website. Social media platforms are easy and effective support platforms that can become active channels for new visitors to your website.

Ultimately, your website should be the most comprehensive representation of your business outside of the physical location and staff. Use this platform in a creative way that generates a buzz for new business and establishes a home base for long-term clientele.

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