The Successful Marketing Plan for 2018

It’s January, 2018.

You have goals.

You have ideas.

…Now what?

If you are looking to start or improve your practice marketing there are endless amounts of strategies that will grow your dental practice, but there are 5 crucial factors that will ensure their success.

The first 3 success factors are the most basic requirements to establish a solid foundation of the marketing project:


It will guide all of the projects towards the outlined goal.


This lets everybody know what to expect.

CONSISTENCY is maintained.

It makes the message effective and the expectation clear.

Within the 4 strategic pillars of practice marketing (Patient Communication, External Communication, Team, and Internet) there are various effective and valuable undertakings, and most offices use more than one. However, what you choose depends on your goals for the practice, and the message you want to give.

The next 2 factors will help to determine how your project grows and what that growth means.

TARGETS are set.

They determine the purpose and direction of the project as well as a clear definition of success.

TRACKING is diligent.

This creates opportunity for measurement of change and evaluation of success.

Haven’t thought about 2018 yet? Not to worry.

Start by reflecting on 2017. In our next blog we will outline a way to evaluate your current practice marketing status and determine what your next steps for marketing success in 2018 should be.

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