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Learn and exercise the strategies that are a vital support to the growth of your practice.

We take the lead to ensure that our doctors, practice owners and office managers optimize on their marketing efforts.

With our Practice Marketing Pro service, you and your team will work directly with our Principal, Dan Pisek, to identify and address where your practice is missing opportunities, lacking consistency or losing traction.

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Initial Consultation

Confirm key business goals from a one-year plan to the bigger picture.

Campaign Management

Understand key benchmarks and set targets.

Scorecard Audit

Measure the effectiveness of your current practice marketing approach.

Regular Check-ins

Connect with the Pro once a week to keep your practice growth on track.

Strategic Insight

Establish and prioritize best opportunities and strategies to achieve goals.

Team Meetings

A monthly 90-minute meeting will inspire your team to support and lead your marketing efforts.

Dan Pisek

Dan Pisek

“I’m a music guy— no matter the style. There is nothing better than different instruments and vocals coming together to create a great song.
The same goes for integrated marketing strategies:
No matter what your style is, it is crucial that the rhythm is right.”

As Co-Founder and Principal of FCM, Dan Pisek has been a key player in the field of dental marketing for 17 years. He brings 25 years of experience to his loyal clients, and has established a distinctively successful repertoire of marketing and advertising for practice growth.