Part 2: Don’t Avoid these 10 Practice Marketing Questions

You’re in the game and you’re ready to compete. What is the next step next in your marketing plan?


6) Do you have a complete patient referral program in place?

To have a successful patient referral program, you must consistently do three things; promote the fact that you are welcoming new patients and appreciate referrals, acknowledge the support of your patients by saying “thank you,” and devise a way to track the names of your referral champions.

7) How aware are the households in your local area of your dental practice?

The people that live within a 5 minute drive to your office represent your best new patient opportunities. Make sure that your marketing plan has a component that focuses on getting the right message into these households and establishes your practice as their local community dentist and best choice for quality care.

8) How aware and engaged is your team regarding your marketing efforts?

You are the leader of your team, and the first order of business is to show your team that you’re all in this together. Communication is key, and it starts with having regular meetings to communicate your goals and the plan for achieving these goals. The more team members that you have working with you, the more business building momentum you have within your practice.

9) Does your team have a sales minded culture?

The purpose of marketing is to get the word out about your practice and all the great work that you do. The mailer piece has been noticed, the website has been perused and now the phone is ringing. Is your front desk ready and able to translate these calls into new patients?

10) Are you aware of your unique practice building opportunities?

Along with marketing to the local community, you also want to be perceived as an active member of the community. This means sponsoring local sports teams, getting involved in local festivals or coming up with other unique ways of giving back to the community.


In this industry, it is necessary to ask difficult questions and accept honest answers. Doing so will give you a truer understanding of your customers, lead to a new and dynamic approach to practice marketing and catapult your business to the next level.

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