Part 1: Don’t Avoid these 10 Practice Marketing Questions

Dentistry is a competitive game. It will always be about providing excellent patient care, but today more than ever, it is also about superb business management.

1) Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset in how you manage your marketing efforts?

The most successful doctors look at the big picture. They have an excellent understanding of their present business situation and are receptive to new ideas that will move their business forward and produce better results.

2) Does your brand identity project a professional image?

The more successful practices today have a name and a logo design that projects an image of confidence. From the office décor and the dental equipment to the people and the overall attitude of the practice, everything must work together to convey the image of success.

3) Do you have a great website?

Your practice website is the center point of everything that you do to market your practice. From advertising campaigns to simple patient referrals, marketing is about getting your name out there and introducing yourself to prospective new patients. Now that you’ve made the connection, people can go to your website and learn more about you.

4) Do you have the right social media presence?

Social media shouldn’t be at the core of your new patient acquisition strategy, but it can act as a tool for patient relationship and referral building. Use social media to take your patient communication to a higher level with a proactive approach that engages and informs.

5) Are your patients aware of the full scope of your offering?

For many practices, patient communication is simply the reminder call to the patient two days before the scheduled exam. Successful practices take patient communication to a much higher level. They realize the great revenue building opportunity that exists inside the practice within the existing patient file.

Growth happens when challenges are answered with honesty and a willingness to learn. See Part 2 for more questions to help you market your practice.

(To be continued)

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