3 Signs that Your Office Needs a Planned Marketing Approach

Marketing is an ubiquitous business component – and every owner will use it at one point or another in his or her professional career.

Choose to act on success instead of reacting to difficulties.

Here are three signs that your office is ready for a MAP – Marketing Action Plan.

You Have Patients

Whether your office is bursting at the seams with patients or lacks the volume you desire, there is room for a marketing plan. Contacting your patients and local community on a regular basis establishes reputation, brand recognition and, at the very least, a foundation for future growth.

If you are looking to acquire new patients your message will differ significantly from an office that is at capacity. Either way, an office that communicates with its patients regularly is in a much better position to manage change and confidently maintain a status quo.

You Have Staff

In a team you are only as strong as your weakest link. The strongest marketing strategy is one that is acknowledged and supported by everyone in the office – even those who do not have a direct impact on it.

Don’t underestimate the effect that small changes can make in an office environment. Make sure your marketing plan supports your staff so that they can be instrumental in its success.

You Have an Office

Marketing expands your presence to your surrounding community to get people into your physical office space, but it also lets people know what to expect before they get there.

Consider your marketing strategy as the public profile of your practice. It is your overall first impression that will make potential clients more comfortable and maybe even more excited to meet you.

A marketing strategy is paramount for the success of dental practices at any stage. Consider your resources and identify your unique opportunities in order to harness the full potential of your practice.

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